1976 El Camino Front Suspension Rebuild

The Frame is now under construction. Replacing all bushings with Energy Suspension Polyurethane bushings. New Brake Rotors, Calipers, pads, and hoses. Ball joints, tie rod ends and sleeves. QA1 adjustable coil over shocks. The lowest setting is a drop of about 2″. Adjustable height and stiffness.


Do one side at a time so that you have a reference as you put it back together. Passenger side was fairly easy, but you need the right tools. Driver side was a bear to get apart. Had to thin cut the coil spring to get it out. and use a hydraulic pack and a ram cylinder to press out one lower control arm bolt. Spent a lot of time with wire wheel brushes to clean up all of the control arms. Painted everything satin black with Por 15 anti rust paint. Make sure to use glove as it doesn’t come off skin.


The coil over shocks went in nicely. There are a lot of YouTube videos to help. A hydraulic bench press helps getting the old bushings out as does a ball joint c-clamp kit. Spend the time to look at as many YouTube videos as possible I spent quite a bit of time making press tools and making and using spacers and shims. I painted all of the parts with Por 15 before assembly as well as the frame behind the control arms.

The Finished Job

As I got things back together I painted everything again except for the brake calipers. I haven’t decided if I want to paint the calipers at this point so I left them. I was impressed with the difference comparing the stock side to the finished side. I can’t wait to drive this thing. I just smile and shrug my shoulders when I’m asked “how long till it done”.

The Next Step

When the front is complete I will start on the rear end. Same treatment back there. The is also some small areas of rust on both sides of the frame. I will dedicate the next post to the rust repair.

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