Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) (chemical formula (C8H8)x·​(C4H6)y·​(C3H3N)z) is a common thermoplastic polymer. The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness. As a result ABS is one of the most commonly used plastics. Used in injection molding, extrusion, and vacuum forming it is readily used in a wide variety of manufactured goods.

ABS Plastic Repair Kit Uses

There are many uses for our ABS plastic repair kits, including repairing holding tanks for RVs, fast repair on plumbing pipes made of plastic, fairings on motorcycles, automotive repair and more. This product will strengthen and become stronger than the original part it’s fixing. Repairing ABS plastic with our resin has been used by thousands of consumers world-wide and is the #1 product developed with you in mind. It’s more than a glue, it’s actual plastic single part resin, applied directly from the bottle, nothing to add or mix up. It air cures in about 24 hours and chemically welds into the plastic being repaired. We’ve even got you covered with several different types of patches to use behind broken pieces or to replace missing parts.

Easy To Use: Do It Yourself Kits

Finally a do it yourself plastic repair product that works. Easy ABS Repair is a heavy bodied liquid ABS resin designed to easily repair any damaged ABS plastic. Even the most severely damaged plastic can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of new parts. There is nothing to ad or mix up, use the resin right from the bottle. The resin air cures in 24 hours and chemically welds the plastic in an unbreakable bond. The resin is sandable and accepts paint like the original plastic.

When Finished The Repair Put The White Seal Cap Back On. This Will Ensure Your 3 Year Shelf Life. The Next Time You need it the cured Resin Will Pop Out And Leave The Tip Clean And Ready To Reuse.

11 comments on “ABS Plastic Repair: What is it?

  1. Adrian Stiteler on

    I purchased a kit years ago and have been pleasantly surprised how effective your product is. Vehicle and motorcycle components that previously I would have written off were repaired very effectively and with a strength and rigidity unsurpassed by other products. If I can test the plastic to be repaired and verify it is ABS I have complete confidence in Easy ABS.
    Great product.

  2. Ben Borromeo on

    I completed a critical repair of a Thule roof cargo box a few weeks ago and I’m very impressed by the results from Easy ABS. I went into an underground parking facility with clearance signage showing I had about 6″, but I drove right into a low tangle of metal pipes and ducting that cracked my roofbox about a foot in length. After a LOT of research, I came across Easy ABS. Simple instructions on Youtube provided the guidance I needed to make the repair and I used an oscillating saw & sander to make things easy as possible. Easy ABS is flexible enough so it’s not brittle and has the same “give” as the rest of the box. The whole repair took about 3 days (lots of extra drying time for the paint too) and the box looks good as new.

  3. Scott Gibbs on

    I use this stuff. To fix everything plastic. I not only used it to fix the fairing on my Victory. I’ve used it to repair a broken mirror on a car, door panels and anything else plastic. It also stays good in the bottle. For a long time with out harding. Unlike glue.

  4. Robert Granwehr on

    Honestly, there is no comparison when it comes to repairing a Thule box. Easy ABS Repair fixed the 6+ inch hole I put into my Thule box without a problem and returned it to full strength. Considering the box is black you can hardly tell I pieced together the broken bits and essentially just glued it back together. Been through hot and cold weather and its rock solid. Extremely glad I found this product for my repair. Will use on many other plastic repairs as needed.

  5. Ginny Evans on

    I developed a leak in my black water tank on my motorhome. Ron and I spoke on the phone multiple times before I decided, with his help…I could do this. I’m old…er! LOL and working on my rig myself is just not my thing other than wash/wax. He told me what I needed and how to do it. He said it was ‘EASY’….yeah right I thought! Well, it was EVEN UPSIDE DOWN. I so appreciate the time he took and the teaching he did….Great product

  6. Steve Showalter on

    I just bought a prowler 10 boat and it arrived with a hole punched in it . It is made of abs plastic. Would you really your product for repair?

    • Ron on

      Our product is the only product designed to permanently repair ABS plastic and it only works on ABS plastic. So if you are sure it is ABS it will do the job.



    I cracked the front fender on my 1999 Kawasaki Drifter about 3″ long. The fender is made of ASB (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) thermoplastic. Would the ABS Plastic Repair Kit be suitable to repair the damage?

    The resin works perfectly on repairing ABS plastic. The resin is very thick (about like thick Greek yogurt). It is very high (over 50%) in ABS solids content. It will stay where applied, smooth out, and as the solvents evaporate they weld the new ABS into the old existing ABS. The end result is a hard black shiny weld that looks like the original ABS pipe. Remember to take the applicator spout off and put the white seal cap back on to get a 3 year shelf life. Just put the applicator back into the box. The resin doesn’t stick to polyethylene and will pop out leaving a clean spout for the next time you need it.

  8. Christian Jarry on

    The ABS fender is cracked with no missing parts. Following the instructions from the kit I have repaired the backside of the fender. Do I still need to do the same on the outside of the fender ( my main concern is creating a V-groove with my Dremel ) because it looks as thought just applying the resin over the damaged area will fill in the crack allowing me to use try and touch up the area.

    Most fender skirts are thin and making a V groove is difficult. Your reaction is correct You can apply directly over the crack on the front side. I have used a paper towel to dab at the surface of the top applied resin to smooth it out more and to rough up the texture of the resin to match the fender skirt.


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