Learn how to easily repair a cracked car bumper’s ABS plastic

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Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1

If you can tape the damage back together with masking tape, you can do the repair.

Do NOT try to use the resin to put the pieces back together – you will only distort the bumper. Hold the pieces together tightly as possible with masking tape. When you are done, replace any missing pieces with the supplied ABS stock.

Start the repair from the back side and remove all paint, dirt, and/or grease from 1/4″ around all areas to be repaired.

Apply the resin directly from the bottle – NO MIXING REQUIRED. The repair will air cure in about 24 hours.

See the video below to see how strong the chemical weld is.

repair a cracked car bumper

Step 2

Go back to the front side and remove the tape. Using a dremel or a drill V groove out the cracks.

Step 3

Fill the cracks and any low or uneven areas with the resin.

Allow 24 hours for the resin to air cure.

Step 4

After 24 hours, you can start to sand the repaired area. You can start with 120 grit paper and change to 220 grit to finish. The repair will sand perfectly flat and smooth because the repair is the same ABS compound as the surrounding bumper.

Step 5

Do NOT use any fiberglass fillers or any other product that uses a hardner or catalyst. These products will not stay in place and will in time crack and fall out. You can use a spot putty that is designed to be used on flexible material but do not put it on very thick.

Step 6

When perfectly smooth prime with a good quality primer designed for plastic surfaces. Sand with 400 grit paper.

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