RV Fender Skirt Repair

RV fender skirt repair might seem like a tough job, but it’s easy to do with an ABS plastic repair kit. This post details how to repair an RV fender skirt. I hope you find it helpful.

From the front side use masking tape to get the cracks as tightly together as possible. Do not try and put resin in the crack to act like a glue as this will distort the shape. When you have taped the fender skirt cracks together turn it over and begin the repair on the back side. If you need to put some tape on the back to hold things together do so. Putting something under part of the fender skirt to bring the crack together might also help. I used the tape roll about 18” down from the break. From the back side apply a bead over the crack about ¼” wide. Let the resin cure for 24 hours without moving.

24 hours later the resin is cured and the fender skirt is back to being a structural unit. Apply a small amount of resin over the cracks on the front and using a lint free rag rub it into the surface. The surface of the vinyl has a wrinkle finish and is hard to match to. I then give the skirt a coat of black paint. I know that there will be some out there who say why not just buy a new one. The cost is $250 to $300 for this keystone fender skirt. I am a handy guy and would prefer to fix it with a $39.99 (Canadian Dollar) repair kit. There was also a mounting hole torn out. Using the supplies ABS material I used a tin snip to cut a piece to fit into the area. I bonded it in place and drilled the hole after it is cured. 

When Finished The Repair Put The White Seal Cap Back On. This Will Ensure Your 3 Year Shelf Life. The Next Time You need it the cured Resin Will Pop Out And Leave The Tip Clean And Ready To Reuse.

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  1. Tom Brian on

    Make sure the fender skirts get a nice waxing when you get your RV washed and waxed to protect them even more. Aside from polishing them, the wax will protect the plastic (or whatever material skirt you have) from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


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