This Post details the repair on a ford dually plastic rear fender. The fender is ABS plastic and is easily repaired with the Easy ABS Repair Kit. I will detail the repair from start to a painted finish. I hope you find it helpful.


The first step is to try and to bring the edges together to make the cracks as close as possible. Use a dremel tool to V groove out the cracks about ¼” wide. Fill in the grooved cracks and let the resin flow in to fill the crack level with the surface. If you notice very small air holes in the resin do not worry about them. This is normal and we will deal with them later.

Fill The Hole

Using the ABS sheets that come in the kit I used a pair of tin snips to cut a piece to fill the hole. I then put the resin around the hole and put the cut piece into place. Using a plastic body spreader I smoothed out the filled area.

Cure The Resin

Let the resin cure for 24 hours. Sand the filled area. Continue to sand until the area is smooth and even around the edges. It is ok to layer the fill as the resin will chemically weld to the previous layer just as it does to the original plastic of the fender.

Final Prep

When all of the low spots are filled and sanded smooth we are ready to move into priming and spot putty application. I use a primer that has made for plastics on the label. Apply the primer in short even strokes. When the primer is wet you will be able to see any imperfections. There will be tiny air holes in the filler and this is normal. Use a spot or glazing putty to finish the surface.

Finish Paint

When you are satisfied that you are ready for the finish coat wipe the area down with a tack cloth. Spray in even coats do not try and put too much paint on at a time or you will cause runs in the paint. Many light coats are better than fewer heavy coats. Make sure you put on enough in one coat that the surface is shinny.

When Finished The Repair Put The White Seal Cap Back On. This Will Ensure Your 3 Year Shelf Life. The Next Time You need it the cured Resin Will Pop Out And Leave The Tip Clean And Ready To Reuse.

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