From John in California Quick question Ron. Got your product this weekend.  I’m sealing crack where drain pipe connects to gray holding tank. Can I spread product with popsicle stick or just make multiple beads with applicator.  Thx. Answer from Ron The resin starts to cure very quickly so it is best to not spread… Read more »

Thanks for a Great Product

Comments From James L. I have shared your ABS Fairing kit Repair with all 12 motorcycle Facebook groups I am in. This rocks. I do have some work I will be doing on my saddlebags with this also, I’ll send pictures when done.  Thank you Ron.

1976 El Camino Frame and Power Train

Install New Brake and Gas Lines Installed all new brake and fuel lines. built a tubing straightener first as the 3/8 lines were a little hard to work with. Tried 3 different tubing benders before I got one that would work on all sizes. From the brake pedal back everything is new. New Chevy Small… Read more »

1976 El camino Restoration – Instrument Cluster Rehab

I had ankle surgery and could not walk for 6 weeks. I had the instrument cluster brought in and went to work on the kitchen table. First step is to disassemble and clean up the housing. Gauge Replacement The gauges were repairable but the cluster did not have a tachometer or an oil pressure gauge.… Read more »

1976 El Camino Frame Repair Part 2

Body Mount Hole Rust Repair Of the 12 body mounting holes 6 had moderate to severe rust damage. some of the holes had lost about an inch of steel around the hole. To make the repair I designed a large washer shaped piece and had my local fab shop make them. The repair washers were… Read more »

You Can Repair Your Black Holding Tank In Place

Tank Drain Piping Broken Completely Off At The Tank This tank was replaced by the RV dealer at a high cost to the owner. I was given the old tank and piping after the job was done. This repair could have been done by the RV owner without removing the tank. As long as you… Read more »

How To Repair A Thule Box Car Top Carrier

Tape The Damage Together From The Front Side Use masking tape to hold the cracks together. Do not try and apply the resin between the cracks as this will distort the box. Taping the damage together as tightly as possible will keep the shape while you begin the repair from the back side. Remove Any… Read more »

1976 El Camino Frame Repair

There were 2 areas of rust perforation that required fixing Rust Perforation Area 1 The first area needing repair was on the right frame rail immediately in front of the rear wheel. The perforated area was about 8 inches long on the outside of the rail and about 10 inches long on the bottom of… Read more »

1976 El Camino Front Suspension Rebuild

1976 El Camino Front Suspension Rebuild The Frame is now under construction. Replacing all bushings with Energy Suspension Polyurethane bushings. New Brake Rotors, Calipers, pads, and hoses. Ball joints, tie rod ends and sleeves. QA1 adjustable coil over shocks. The lowest setting is a drop of about 2″. Adjustable height and stiffness. Disassembly Do one… Read more »

1976 El Camino Frame Off Restoration

And now for something a little different. Due to the Covid Pandemic the USA/Canadian border is closed. As a result I will not be spending the winter in Arizona. So I have started a restoration on a 1976 Chevrolet El Camino. I will be posting my progress from time to time on this Blog. I… Read more »

Fender Repair: Ford Focus Massive Damage

This post details the repair of a Ford Focus station wagon. This is by far the most amount of damage I have tried to repair. This massive damaged fender was repaired with an Easy ABS Repair Kit and a lot of additional ABS sheets to replace the missing pieces Lots Of Missing Pieces There was… Read more »

You Can Do It!!: How to Fix a Car Grill

Bird Attack – This GMC Yukon hit a bird resulting in major damage to the grill. There were several pieces missing. You might think that this is non-repairable but with the Easy ABS Repair Kit you can do it yourself. If you passed scissors and glue in Kindergarten you are handy enough to do this… Read more »

What an Awesome Product: Customer Feedback

Scott Carawan (verified owner) – January 9, 2019 Easy ABS Repair Kit Review Thanks for providing an awesome product that is easy to use and works as advertised if not better!Used the small kit to repair multiple clean breaks and it is as new now. TIP: use a little more than you think you need, easy and quicker… Read more »

Customer Feedback: Home Plumbing Repair

Henry (verified owner) – June 29, 2020 Easy ABS Repair Kit Review The Easy ABS Repair Resin made it easy to fix the main waste ABS pipe in the basement. It was not perfectly glued at one joint, causing water oozing out through the joint. Instead of cutting and re-gluing the joint, which is difficult due to the… Read more »

RV Holding Tank Inspection / Clean Out

RV Holding Tank

An RV holding tank needs regular care and attention to stay in good condition, but it is difficult to look inside the tank. I have seen so many posts by campers who are having black water tank problems. To solve some of your issues this post is about how to install an inspection / clean… Read more »

How To: Can You Fix A Plastic Truck Fender

This Post details the repair on a ford dually plastic rear fender. The fender is ABS plastic and is easily repaired with the Easy ABS Repair Kit. I will detail the repair from start to a painted finish. I hope you find it helpful. Preparation The first step is to try and to bring the… Read more »

RV Fender Skirt Repair: How-Tos and Basics

RV Fender Skirt Repair

RV fender skirt repair might seem like a tough job, but it’s easy to do with an ABS plastic repair kit. This post details how to repair an RV fender skirt. I hope you find it helpful. From the front side use masking tape to get the cracks as tightly together as possible. Do not… Read more »

ABS Plastic Repair: What is it?

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) (chemical formula (C8H8)x·​(C4H6)y·​(C3H3N)z) is a common thermoplastic polymer. The most important mechanical properties of ABS are impact resistance and toughness. As a result ABS is one of the most commonly used plastics. Used in injection molding, extrusion, and vacuum forming it is readily used in a wide variety of manufactured goods. ABS Plastic Repair Kit Uses… Read more »