Tank Drain Piping Broken Completely Off At The Tank

This tank was replaced by the RV dealer at a high cost to the owner. I was given the old tank and piping after the job was done. This repair could have been done by the RV owner without removing the tank. As long as you can hold the pipe up to the tank in the original position you can fix the break. I would have used pieces of wood and a wedge to hold the pipe up into place.

Clean Up The Pieces And Fit The Pipe to The Tank

Clean Up the area I used Windex and a rag to clean the area as clean as possible. I then used a wire brush and a file to clean up the area and remove burrs so that the pipe fit tightly into the original position. In this case doing the repair upside down on the bench I did not have to block the pipe up to the tank. You must secure the two pieces together so that there is no movement during the 24 hour cure time.

Apply The Resin Directly From The Applicator Bottle

Apply the resin directly from the applicator bottle there is nothing to add or mix up. The single part resin requires no hardeners or catalyst, it air cures in about 24 hours. The solvents in the resin weld the ABS solids in the resin to the plastic being repaired in a permanent bond similar to welding steel. Many users have repaired their holding tanks themselves saving hundreds of dollars in fees.

If Needed Additional Applications Can Be Made After the 24 Hour Cure Time

Applications should be made in 1/8 inch layers. This allows for proper curing. After the application has cured for about 24 hours you can make additional applications. You can tell the resin is cured when it is rock hard.

When Finished The Repair Put The White Seal Cap Back On. This Will Ensure Your 3 Year Shelf Life. The Next Time You need it the cured Resin Will Pop Out And Leave The Tip Clean And Ready To Reuse.

One comment on “You Can Repair Your Black Holding Tank In Place

  1. Ginny Evans on

    I developed a leak in my black water tank on my motorhome. Ron and I spoke on the phone multiple times before I decided, with his help…I could do this. I’m old…er! LOL and working on my rig myself is just not my thing other than wash/wax. He told me what I needed and how to do it. He said it was ‘EASY’….yeah right I thought! Well, it was EVEN UPSIDE DOWN. I so appreciate the time he took and the teaching he did….Great product


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